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Best Coffee in Jakarta!

Since when do we need caffeine to work?

I don’t drink caffeine regularly until few years ago. God, even when I was in college I could not afford coffee. But suddenly now I NEED coffee to function. I got cranky, sleepy and unable to think before I get my caffeine.

In this post I want to share you my most favourite coffee in town.


Though sometimes I also order its cappuccino or latte, its flat white is still my favorite.  As one of the best coffee places in town, you will never fail with Giyanti.  I also like their brownies, which they claim is gluten-free (not so care about the gluten-free part though).

Being a mager/lazy person that I am, I usually order the coffee through Gojek, or when I also need some carbs intake, I will visit Cali Deli, a viatnemese restaurant next to Giyanti, and have my lunch/brunch there while ordering my favorite flat white from Giyanti (yes, they can come to take your order from Cali Deli) J


Oh my guilty pleasure! Salted caramel latte from Djournal, Grand Indonesia is definitely one of my favorites! Introduced by a friend of mine, this drink become one of my comfort drinks that I will definitely visit when I am in a low mood (I don’t even care that I need to pass awful traffic to reach there!).

Even though I can find Djournal some where else, I think the one in Grand Indonesia has the best mix for my taste. I tried the one in Citos and it was too salty! I complained and they tried to fix it, but it just made the coffee tasted like a glass of syrup. Wayyy too sweet.  I also tried the new one in WTC Sudirman, it wasn’t as terrible as the one in Citos, but not as perfect in Grand Indonesia.

  1. ICE LATTE, ST Ali

ST ALi is a regular meeting place of me and a friend. I firstly always ordered flat white here (which is not bad), but one day I tried its ice latte and I fell in love instantly!  It is still my favorite everytime I visit the place.


Since Starbucks is the most accessible place for me, many times I stuck with starbucks when I need my caffeine. Despite everyone’s comments on how awful Starbucks’ coffees are, I actually have my own favorite in this place, i.e. their double shot ice shaken espresso (what a long name, huh). It is the only drink served in Starbucks that’s still tasted like real coffee, while the rest are just water with lots of sugar 😀

Occassionally I would also order caramel macchiato for a change, and I also like their glazed donuts too! 😀

So now you know what to give me when I get cranky or sleepy in the morning or afternoon 😀 I actually recently tried macchiato and cappuccino from Common Grounds, City Walk and I liked them both! And of course I love the coffee from 1/15 and Tanamera too. However, I didn’t include them in the above list since here I only list the coffees I regularly drink.

Till next time!



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Hello 2017!

Dewi is back blogging again!

For you who didn't know my previous blog (it was 6-7 years ago..) you may want to know what I am about.. So here we go!

I am a 30 years old who loves everything nice about this life: good food, good books and good music. I eat almost everything and dare to try anything new. I read at least 2-3 books a month. Depends on my current mood, I listen to any music from Ben Howard to Calvin Harris and Linkin Park. *Yes, I am a pretty random person :D

I also love traveling, but who doesn't. ;) I have been to almost all countries in Europe and Asia, I have also been to Morocco, Svalbard and Peru. I love traveling solo, but a good companion sometimes can be nice too (it's good to have some good pictures from a trip, and not only a selfie filled with my big face and a tiny part of the view :D). Next, I will be in Korea and Japan sometime this year.
I love hiking too! I will be hiking Mount Sumbing and Rinjani of Indonesia (and some other smaller mountains) in 2017! Wish me luck :)

Oh and I love to know new people! Let's talk! I love telling stories and have long talk during a coffee. I am too a movie addict and big fans of Ewan McGregor! Ping me when any of his movies is out and you have a spare ticket to share :P

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