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Seoul Food Adventure

Hey there.. I am back! Sorry I did not posting for so long! I traveled a bit to Seoul, South Korea last month, back home for a week, and another traveling to Japan. Afterwards, I needed a month to catch up works that I left during my leaves 😀

So, one word for Korean food: spicy! Buut I loooved them all! Thanks to my friend who showed me the ins and hidden secrets of culinary in Seoul, my tummy and I had a fantastic time exploring all the spicy (and also not so spicy) heaven on my tongue. :p

And OH. MY. GOD. Have I told you about their street food. Beyond amazing!

I have some photos here for you to enjoy.. Don’t want to make you crave for them all this very second.. but what can I do :p

Till next time, and let me know should you need any guidance to food experience in Seoul!



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