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finding calmness in chaos

In this gloomy Monday afternoon, my mind wanders.

It’s actually similar theme of what I had written before, particularly this post, i.e. on how to find calmness during a storm.

So last weekend was great. I had a busy schedule, I was afraid I won’t manage it but somehow I could. Of course some sacrifices had to be made, but my goals were reached.

But then today.. I am faced with a stressful reality. I could not detail the problems here, but there are two major stuff that I can’t see any immediate relief that can be done to get away from these two problems. I am desperate.

I usually prefer to fix problems straight away.. but sometimes it is impossible and it stresses me out, so the second best thing I can do is actually to accept this condition, letting go of my expectation of the ideal, and be patient in the process.

However, I could only aware of those steps after I am calming myself down. I am thinking hard how to calm down… My chest is really heavy, my brain is so frizzy. I wish I can close my eyes and everything back well when I reopen them. I can’t think clearly.. But I am trying hard… Praying, writing, reading, working out, are some activities that usually can calm me down..

So I start writing this post. It seems working.

I still don’t know how to fix the two major problems that I have in my life right now. But the frizz in my brain finally gets lighter. One step at a time.



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