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consciousness and the importance being conscious in social life

I just realized one thing this morning. Consciousness, or the state of being aware, is unfortunately not possessed by every individual in this world. While actually.. it is one of very important factors to not only to be alive, but also to reach highest potential in social life.

I am not a psychologist or neurologist or other -ist that is related with the study of human brain or behavior. But from my observation and limited knowledge on the subject, we can categorize consciousness to two big groups, i.e. consciousness in term of being physically and mentally awake (as opposed to unconscious, like people in comma condition), and consciousness in term of being attentive and aware of your surroundings.

Some people can be kind and have high empathy, but they can unintentionally hurt or wrong other people if they don’t have the second meaning of consciousness.

It may be a homework to realize and acknowledge that we are unconscious. And as their saying about dead people, unconscious people usually don’t know that they are unconscious, but people surrounded them will know (and hurt occasionally). This homework to realize and acknowledge their situation will be the hard one if they think that they are kind or wise already, and refuse to dig deeper of the consequence of their behavior.

And I think.. this unconsciousness, just like the unconsciousness in the first meaning, is not a permanent attribute to someone’s character.  An ignorant person can be conscious at times, and a highly sensitive person may be unconscious too (for example when they are highly focusing on a thing only..).

What to do when you realize you have been unconscious:

1. be grateful to realize this! now you’re awake;

2. forgive yourself, whatever happened in the past is done, no use to dwell on it; and

3. mend your relationship with the people who are hurt, or fix the condition that you have ruined, due to your unconsciousness. As far about relationship, a simple sincere ‘sorry’ usually works wonderfully!

And how to deal with people who are unconscious in your life?

1. awake them; and

2. if it doesn’t work, asses if their unconsciousness has been poisonous to your life or not (if yes, consider to limit your encounters with them, if not, learn to forgive and accept their unconscious side that you can’t change).

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PS – featured unrelated photo of me in Sahara because I just miss the place! 🙂

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