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Resilience: Until When Will We Blame The Past?

Lately I have realized that many character troubles, how we deal with problems, and any issues related with feelings or resilience, are often rooted from one factor: the past. It is as if we don’t have any option to stand up and fight. As if we can’t say no, this is NOT me, the authentic me is the one I am happy with myself, what I achieve, what I am doing.

Until when will we blame the past? Until when will we act as victims, justifying the weakness that we experience as “this is how I am created”.. NO! We are all created to be the best being. And we should strive to be our authentic self and fight.

So, the next time the troubles come. We can’t be lazy. We can’t be down for too long due to one mishap.We can’t be angry. We can’t be unsuccessful. We can’t be not kind. Instead, we have to be our authentic self: the kind, successful, helpful, patient, strong and tough. We should be happy and grateful. That’s how we are created. That’s how we should strive to be.

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Hello 2017!

Dewi is back blogging again!

For you who didn't know my previous blog (it was 6-7 years ago..) you may want to know what I am about.. So here we go!

I am a 30 years old who loves everything nice about this life: good food, good books and good music. I eat almost everything and dare to try anything new. I read at least 2-3 books a month. Depends on my current mood, I listen to any music from Ben Howard to Calvin Harris and Linkin Park. *Yes, I am a pretty random person :D

I also love traveling, but who doesn't. ;) I have been to almost all countries in Europe and Asia, I have also been to Morocco, Svalbard and Peru. I love traveling solo, but a good companion sometimes can be nice too (it's good to have some good pictures from a trip, and not only a selfie filled with my big face and a tiny part of the view :D). Next, I will be in Korea and Japan sometime this year.
I love hiking too! I will be hiking Mount Sumbing and Rinjani of Indonesia (and some other smaller mountains) in 2017! Wish me luck :)

Oh and I love to know new people! Let's talk! I love telling stories and have long talk during a coffee. I am too a movie addict and big fans of Ewan McGregor! Ping me when any of his movies is out and you have a spare ticket to share :P

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