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Productivity hack: The Rule of 3

Being productive is good for our soul, it gives us a sense of achievement and motivation to move on. But sometimes it can be hard to be productive for various reasons. Some of the reasons are taking too many commitments or having too many distractions.

Well, those are my reasons.

Getting rid of external distractions is easy. Just remove them from your life! Especially during your biological prime time when your focus and energy levels are the highest during the day. Never ever turn your phone on or at least silent it and put it away from you during these times.

But how to get rid internal distractions? And what to do when we have too many commitments to attend? In this case, the rule of 3 has been very helpful for me.

To learn about this rule of 3, I really recommend you to read this amazing book titled “the Productivity Project” by Chris Bailey. It’s so good if you are keen to improve your productivity.

According to Bailey, it is important to know your most valuable tasks for the day so you can work on them. And he suggest the Rule of 3: at the beginning of each day, before you start working, decide what three things you want to accomplish by the end of the day. Do the same thing at the start every week.

Simple, easy. Even though during the first days, sometimes I still forgot to do it.. But when you do it everyday, it becomes just automatically done every morning..

I have tried this system for a while now and wow.. this rule is amazing! It really is a great system for managing what I need to get done, it makes me focus on the three things so much that it helps me to makes priority when I have too many commitments. It also helps me to focus on doing these three things and getting rid of my internal distractions because I am determined to finished the three things.

So if this is the first time you heard about the rule, try it. For 21 days and make it a mental habit to make our life become more productive and beneficial. 🙂

My three things for today is to write this post, shoot my very first vlog (yeay!), and to enjoy the rest of Sunday with a good book and some healthy stuff 🙂

What are yours today’s three things?


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