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Hello there..

It’s the third day of 2017 and I am back blogging again!

For you who don’t know my previous blog (it was 6-7 years ago..) you may want to know what I am about.. So here we go!

I am a 30 years old who loves everything nice about this life: good food, good books and good music.  I eat almost everything and dare to try anything new. I read at least 2-3 books a month.  Depends on my current mood, I listen to any music from Ben Howard to Calvin Harris and Linkin Park.  *Yes, I am a pretty random person  😀

I also love traveling, but who doesn’t.  😉  I have been to almost all countries in Europe and Asia, I have also been to Morocco, Svalbard and Peru.  I love traveling solo, but a good companion sometimes can be nice too (it’s good to have some good pictures from a trip, and not only a selfie filled with my big face and a tiny part of the view  :D).  Next, I will be in Korea and Japan sometime this year.

I love hiking too! I will be hiking Mount Sumbing and Rinjani of Indonesia (and some other smaller mountains) in 2017! Wish me luck  🙂

Oh and I love to know new people! Let’s talk! I love telling stories and have long talk during a coffee.  I am too a movie addict and big fans of Ewan McGregor! Ping me when any of his movies is out and you have a spare ticket for me  😛

Lastly, I am starting Jakarta Free Tour (JFT) to share my love of this city (and meet new friends!) check here if you are interested 🙂

For adventure lovers, I am also starting a travel company with some friends called Joy Love Travel. Check here for further info and schedule. We serve trips to Indonesia, Bhutan, India, and many else! 🙂



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