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Resilience: Until When Will We Blame The Past?

Lately I have realized that many character troubles, how we deal with problems, and any issues related with feelings or resilience, are often rooted from one factor: the past. It is as if we don’t have any option to stand up and fight. As if we can’t say no, this […]


As today is the last day of working for me, I can’t help but realise how this year 2017 come to an end.  It feels just like yesterday I started blogging again, and it was the beginning of the year. So many things happened, huge changes came to my life, […]

finding calmness in chaos

In this gloomy Monday afternoon, my mind wanders. It’s actually similar theme of what I had written before, particularly this post, i.e. on how to find calmness during a storm. So last weekend was great. I had a busy schedule, I was afraid I won’t manage it but somehow I […]

Minimalist Lifestyle!

Halo everyone! This time I want to talk about something different: minimalism. Last weekend, I spent the whole two days at home, planned to relax a bit since I had a pretty busy week and really need a nice of unwinding time.  But as soon as I hit the bed, […]

Turning 31

Happy birthday to me! Today I celebrate my 31 years survival in this world.  29 was really hard, but 30 was the hardest.  At certain points I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it. But I did. And as a bonus, I found a trick to stand should other […]