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Best Coffee in Jakarta!

Since when do we need caffeine to work? I don’t drink caffeine regularly until few years ago. God, even when I was in college I could not afford coffee. But suddenly now I NEED coffee to function. I got cranky, sleepy and unable to think before I get my caffeine. […]

Why do we travel?

I have been thinking about this lately. Why do we travel? What are we running from? Why do we spend money for short term enjoyment? Why won’t we use our time, money and energy for better purposes? You don’t need to travel just to find beauty.  You can find beauty […]

Meeting Up with Mr. Komodo

Hello there, I am back! I still owe you the story of my encounter with the only dragon that truly alive: the Komodo dragon. Since Komodo dragons only live in several small islands in the Flores sea, it was my first encounter with the giant lizard. We visited two islands […]

A short stop over in Ruteng

What do you know about Ruteng, East Nusa Tenggara? The small city is located just few hours from Dintor, the village nearby Wae Rebo that I told you in previous post.  We made a gas stop in Ruteng when we went back from Wae Rebo to Labuan Bajo.  We discovered […]

What to do in Jogja?

Last christmas I visited Jogja for the third time in 2016. I actually planned to hike Mount Sumbing for the weekend, but since the weather wasn’t great, me and friends decided to stay and explore Jogja for a change (we didn’t want to waste our tickets that had been bought […]