Indonesian Historic Tour with me!


As you may guess from this blog, I am a people person, I love people as much as I love travel, I also love history, culture and of course, food! And I want to use my passion for good! 🙂

So if you will visit Jakarta, and want to be my friend, just let me know if you need any guidance, tips, or even a FREE tour in Jakarta. Depends on what you like.. I can take you to historic sites in Jakarta, or the hip artsy old town, or some hidden places that may be hard to find for tourists. or maybe a coffee or foodie tour? I would never say no to that.. 🙂

Just few guidelines:

1. I have a full time job, so I may only be able to accompany you in weekends.

2. It’s a free tour, so transportation, food, snacks, any tickets (if any) are not included.. I will let you know the estimation costs that you should prepare in advance 😉

3. Be nice and open minded! Rude, racist or bad smelled people can’t be my friend :p

Check here to learn more about it. 🙂

NEXT ONE will be a Historic Tour on 22 October 2017. It is gonna be a walking tour where we will go to a journey of Indonesian independence that took place in Menteng area. Put a comment below if you are interested! 🙂