Introducing, Joy Love

Hello loves,

This time I want to introduce the venture I am doing with some friends, Joy Love Travel 🙂

Just established this year, we started this company to help people to travel around the world easier. Ideally, we want to promote our beautiful country, Indonesia, to everyone out there. we understand that it may be hard to explore our country because English are not spoken widely here, and not every place has been equipped with sufficient infrastructure. But other than that, we also think that we need to help Indonesian people who want to travel more, domestic or overseas, but maybe have difficulties in arranging the trip, or maybe just want to be in a group trip to share costs or just to have like minded chat buddy during the trip, or maybe just afraid to travel solo.

We are running this venture with passion. It is not just a business for us, but also something that we love doing. We aim to make  your trip memorable and enjoyable as we would want for ourselves. And of course, we wish you will feel joyous and loved after the trip 🙂

One of the ways to achieve such goal is to make thematic trips that will be memorable and fit the goals of the guests. Some themes that we are thinking are adventure, spiritual, cultural, historical and culinary trips.

As an introductory trip, we are preparing a trip to India this year end (24 December 2017 – 2 January 2018). We had a lot of ideas for this trip since India has many things to offer. Food, culture, adventure, scenery.. They have everything. However, we came up with “culture”.

In this trip we want to embrace first timers who have never been to India before. We realise India with its Taj Mahal and rickshaw ride must be in most people’ bucket list. We want to help these people to check off their bucket list, taste the rich culture, embark in amazing adventure, all in the comfort of our services.

Other than India, we are also serving trips to Bhutan, Peru and Indonesia, of course with special themes for group trips to make sure it is memorable. However, if you prefer to be in privately tailored trips, we can also help you with the arrangement or just general advice that you may need.

Please check our website here for further information on our company and our trips. We are just starting and need to learn a lot too.. So any advice or input will be much appreciated 🙂

And for further information on our first trip to India, please check here. We hope to see you there 🙂

Thank you so much for reading.




Indonesian Historic Tour with me!


As you may guess from this blog, I am a people person, I love people as much as I love travel, I also love history, culture and of course, food! And I want to use my passion for good! 🙂

So if you will visit Jakarta, and want to be my friend, just let me know if you need any guidance, tips, or even a FREE tour in Jakarta. Depends on what you like.. I can take you to historic sites in Jakarta, or the hip artsy old town, or some hidden places that may be hard to find for tourists. or maybe a coffee or foodie tour? I would never say no to that.. 🙂

Just few guidelines:

1. I have a full time job, so I may only be able to accompany you in weekends.

2. It’s a free tour, so transportation, food, snacks, any tickets (if any) are not included.. I will let you know the estimation costs that you should prepare in advance 😉

3. Be nice and open minded! Rude, racist or bad smelled people can’t be my friend :p

Check here to learn more about it. 🙂

NEXT ONE will be a Historic Tour on 22 October 2017. It is gonna be a walking tour where we will go to a journey of Indonesian independence that took place in Menteng area. Put a comment below if you are interested! 🙂