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Jakarta Walking Tour Yang Pertama!

Haloo.. hari ini saya mau share mengenai Jakarta Walking Tour (“JWT”, rebranded dari “Jakarta Free Tour”/JFT), yang pertama kali dilaksanakan tanggal 22 Oktober 2017 kemarin. Ide Pertama Sebagaimana sudah saya share disini, awalnya saya ingin membuat suatu walking tour yang bisa membantu kita semua untuk lebih mengenal Jakarta.  Saya ingin […]

Introducing, Joy Love

Hello loves, This time I want to introduce the venture I am doing with some friends, Joy Love Travel 🙂 Just established this year, we started this company to help people to travel around the world easier. Ideally, we want to promote our beautiful country, Indonesia, to everyone out there. […]

Finding Serenity in Svalbard

I love talking with people, sharing my stories, making people laugh.. listen to their troubles and motivating people. Maybe because I am an ENFP, which often called as the Campaigner, I love all of these stuff. But once in a while.. I can get overwhelmed. When I don’t schedule my […]

Seoul Food Adventure

Hey there.. I am back! Sorry I did not posting for so long! I traveled a bit to Seoul, South Korea last month, back home for a week, and another traveling to Japan. Afterwards, I needed a month to catch up works that I left during my leaves 😀 So, […]

Turning 31

Happy birthday to me! Today I celebrate my 31 years survival in this world.  29 was really hard, but 30 was the hardest.  At certain points I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it. But I did. And as a bonus, I found a trick to stand should other […]

Best Coffee in Jakarta!

Since when do we need caffeine to work? I don’t drink caffeine regularly until few years ago. God, even when I was in college I could not afford coffee. But suddenly now I NEED coffee to function. I got cranky, sleepy and unable to think before I get my caffeine. […]