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Why do we travel?

I have been thinking about this lately.

Why do we travel? What are we running from? Why do we spend money for short term enjoyment? Why won’t we use our time, money and energy for better purposes?

You don’t need to travel just to find beauty.  You can find beauty everywhere, even from the city where you live.


Sunset view in Jakarta, early days of 2017.

We travel to open our eyes, so we won’t prejudice other people without even trying to put ourselves in their shoes.  We travel to meet different people, so we can be grateful of our own situation and learn to appreciate of what we have.

We travel to detach ourselves from routines, so we can think clearly and see our situation from different perspective.

We travel to dream, so we can know what we want and what we wish we can get rid from ourselves.

We travel to enjoy a romantic date with ourselves. To let ourselves more free without thinking of the burden of daily life and responsibility to follow the local rules and to please and serve the people surrounded us at home.  We will know that it may not be required in some other places.

We also travel to humble ourselves, to make us closer to the Creator who made all the beautiful things in order, for us to enjoy.

And above everything else, travel makes me happy.  Maybe it does to you too. And in my opinion, it is a very important investment above any other assets you can buy.



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