Productivity hack: The Rule of 3

Being productive is good for our soul, it gives us a sense of achievement and motivation to move on. But sometimes it can be hard to be productive for various reasons. Some of the reasons are taking too many commitments or having too many distractions.

Well, those are my reasons.

Getting rid of external distractions is easy. Just remove them from your life! Especially during your biological prime time when your focus and energy levels are the highest during the day. Never ever turn your phone on or at least silent it and put it away from you during these times.

But how to get rid internal distractions? And what to do when we have too many commitments to attend? In this case, the rule of 3 has been very helpful for me.

To learn about this rule of 3, I really recommend you to read this amazing book titled “the Productivity Project” by Chris Bailey. It’s so good if you are keen to improve your productivity.

According to Bailey, it is important to know your most valuable tasks for the day so you can work on them. And he suggest the Rule of 3: at the beginning of each day, before you start working, decide what three things you want to accomplish by the end of the day. Do the same thing at the start every week.

Simple, easy. Even though during the first days, sometimes I still forgot to do it.. But when you do it everyday, it becomes just automatically done every morning..

I have tried this system for a while now and wow.. this rule is amazing! It really is a great system for managing what I need to get done, it makes me focus on the three things so much that it helps me to makes priority when I have too many commitments. It also helps me to focus on doing these three things and getting rid of my internal distractions because I am determined to finished the three things.

So if this is the first time you heard about the rule, try it. For 21 days and make it a mental habit to make our life become more productive and beneficial. šŸ™‚

My three things for today is to write this post, shoot my very first vlog (yeay!), and to enjoy the rest of Sunday with a good book and some healthy stuff šŸ™‚

What are yours today’s three things?


Resilience: Until When Will We Blame The Past?

Lately I have realized that many character troubles, how we deal with problems, and any issues related with feelings or resilience, are often rooted from one factor: the past. It is as if we don’t have any option to stand up and fight. As if we can’t say no, this is NOT me, the authentic me is the one I am happy with myself, what I achieve, what I am doing.

Until when will we blame the past? Until when will we act as victims, justifying the weakness that we experience as “this is how I am created”.. NO! We are all created to be the best being. And we should strive to be our authentic self and fight.

So, the next time the troubles come. We can’t be lazy. We can’t be down for too long due to one mishap.We can’t be angry. We can’t be unsuccessful. We can’t be not kind. Instead, we have to be our authentic self: the kind, successful, helpful, patient, strong and tough. We should be happy and grateful. That’s how we are created. That’s how we should strive to be.


As today is the last day of working for me, I can’t help but realise how this year 2017 come to an end.Ā  It feels just like yesterday I started blogging again, and it was the beginning of the year. So many things happened, huge changes came to my life, and I didn’t even realise that time has taken my life in a blink of an eye.

I remember clearly what my goal this year was: acceptance. I realised many things in this world is way out of my control and I wanted to just accept my state, conditions, failures, just the way they are. To bring peaceful to my mind, to please the One who decides my life, that I fully accept whatever He places in to my life.

Did I really practice acceptance as planned in the past year?

One thing for sure, most of the time I even forgot that I have that goal…

And the fact was.. I lived my life in the least patience I should have had. I made reckless decisions, mistakes, you can say. But as I am writing this post a fact comes to my mind: this is the biggest challenge of my 2017 goal. 2017 is not over yet. I should not lose especially in the last days..

And throwing back to the whole year again, it hits me.Ā  Yes, I made reckless decisions.Ā  Yes, I was kinda drifting away with no firm decision of the way I really want to go.Ā  Yes, I made huge mistakes.Ā  Yes, IĀ  joined an initiative in a rush, only to leave it in the same year.

But.. I also have grown soo much as a person. I have fight my self-esteem problem, I became much more confident than the whole 31 years of my life combined. I met MANY interesting new people. I have shaped the newer-me who is closer to my actual self. I learn about the initiative that is really close to my heart, and I stay in the other activities that are even closer to my soul. I learn how to mend myself and hold to rescue poles when I was extremely broken and slipping away. I tasted love. And I am grateful. I accept this destiny not only because I have to, due to the goal, but also because I believe this is the best one for my scenario.

I also learn that having fun and loving your self every now and then is okay.. And maybe I should do it more often. But it brings a big question mark for 2018, which I think will make me happier if I know the answer soon. But again, just accept, sometimes the answer will come when you least expect it šŸ˜€

How do you see your 2017? Are you happy with it? Or do you have some things you wish you do differently? Tell me in the comments or let’s talk when we meet! šŸ™‚


Jakarta Walking Tour Yang Pertama!

Haloo.. hari ini saya mau share mengenai Jakarta Walking Tour (ā€œJWTā€, rebranded dari ā€œJakarta Free Tourā€/JFT), yang pertama kali dilaksanakan tanggal 22 Oktober 2017 kemarin.

Ide Pertama

Sebagaimana sudah saya share disini, awalnya saya ingin membuat suatu walking tour yang bisa membantu kita semua untuk lebih mengenal Jakarta. Ā Saya ingin memberikannya secara gratis, karena pada dasarnya saya suka jalan-jalan dan bercerita, jadi disini saya hanya ingin sharing saja tempat-tempat menarik di Jakarta yang bisa kita kunjungi bersama.


Dari tour pertama kemarin, ada beberapa masukan dari para peserta bahwa nama ā€œJakarta Free Tourā€ agak kurang tepat karena kita harus membayar tiket masuk ke museum-museum yang kita kunjungi (meskipun tiketnya sangat murah.. hanya 1000-5000 Rupiah saja!), dan juga harus membayar makan siang masing-masing. Meskipun maksud saya ā€œfreeā€ disini adalah tidak ada biaya yang harus dikeluarkan untuk jasa saya sebagai arranger/quasi guide* dari tour tersebut, tapi menurut saya masukan tersebut masuk akal karena bisa mislead orang-orang yang hendak join tour tersebut.

*quasi guide karena saya belum qualified untuk disebut sebagai guide beneran hehehe

Akhirnya terpilihlah nama Jakarta Walking Tour sebagai nama yang lebih tepat untuk tour yang saya laksanakan ini.

JWT Pertama: Kemerdekaan Indonesia

Ide JWT Pertama ini didapatkan ketika pada suatu malam saya bersama seorang teman sedang duduk-duduk di Monumen Proklamasi. Sebagai sesama penikmat sejarah, saya dan teman saya tersebut berdiskusi mengenai semangat para pendahulu kita dalam menggapai kemerdekaan. Kami juga berdiskusi bagaimana Tugu Petir yang terdapat di area Monumen Proklamasi melambangkan harapan para pendahulu kita agar Indonesia menggelegar seperti petir di dunia. Kami pun merefleksikan kondisi saat ini, apakah kami, dan generasi muda Indonesia lainnya masih memiliki semangat yang sama, atau bahkan mendekati para pendahulu kita tersebut?

Kami pun menyadari bahwa bahkan banyak generasi muda yang tidak hapal atau paham betul sejarah kemerdekaan.. Sehingga semangat tersebut mungkin sudah hilang di masa sekarang.

Teman saya kemudian menyarankan, karena dia tahu ketertarikan saya dalam dunia pariwisata, agar dibuat walking tour dengan tema kemerdekaan Indonesia. Dan saya pun langsung menyambut ide tersebut dengan semangat dan mulai menyiapkan konsep dan mencari peserta yang tertarik untuk berpartisipasi.

Bahagianya, teman-teman saya yang lain menujukkan ketertarikan luar biasa dengan inisiatif ini! Dengan semangat namun sedikit deg-degan karena takut mengecewakan.. saya pun mulai mempersiapkan tour ini. Awalnya saya takut walking tour tidak cocok untuk dilaksanakan di Jakarta karena kondisi udaranya yang panas dan masyarakatnya yang terbiasa menggunakan kendaraan kemana-mana. Namun nyatanya, syukur alhamdulillah JWT pertama berhasil berjalan dengan baik dan sangat menyenangkan.

Ke depannya saya ingin membuat lebih banyak lagi tour dengan tema-tema seputar sejarah, seni dan budaya Indonesia yang banyak terdapat di Jakarta.

Kenapa penting bagi kita untuk mengetahui sejarah Kemerdekaan Indonesia?

  • Untuk mengingatkan perjuangan pendahulu kita dalam meraih kemerdekaan;
  • Mengingatkan kita semangat memperbaiki diri dan keluar dari masa sulit penjajahan yang dimiliki oleh para pejuang kemerdekaan. Apakah kita juga memiliki semangat yang sama saat ini?
  • Meningkatkan nasionalisme kita, menjadi bangsa yang dijajah tidaklah mudah, dan cara menghindari hal tersebut terulang lagi adalah dengan menjadi bangsa yang kuat dan tidak mudah dipecah belah!

Peserta Yang Hadir di JWT Pertama

Saya sempat kaget dan deg-degan ketika menyadari banyaknya peminat JWT yang pertama ini! Alhamdulillah semuanya kooperatif, suportif dan menyenangkan. Saya salut dan terima kasih sekali kepada para peserta, dari Ibu2 sampai anak balita, yang rela berpanas-panasan dan kelelahan berjalan untuk mengikuti tour ini. Dukungan teman-teman semua sangat berarti dan membuat saya lebih semangat dalam mempersiapkan JWT selanjutnya. Love you all!!



  • Museum Joang ā€˜45
  • Menuju Museum Perumusan Naskah Proklamasi (melewati Masjid Cut Meutia (450 m), Tugu Kunstring (500 m), Museum Jenderal AH Nasution (450 m) dan Taman Suropati (750 m))
  • Museum Perumusan Naskah Proklamasi
  • Menuju Jalan Surabaya (1,2 km)
  • Lunch, coffee dan sholat di Jalan Surabaya

Sebenarnya kami berencana untuk meneruskan ke Monumen Proklamasi setelah lunch di Jalan Surabaya. Namun karena masih ada acara Hari Santri di area Monumen Proklamasi, terpaksa kami membatalkan rute terakhir tersebut.

Museum Joang ’45

Jl. Menteng Raya No.31, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat,

Tiket Masuk: Dewasa Rp5.000, Anak-anak Rp2.000

Museum ini terletak di dalam Gedung Joang 45 yang awalnya merupakan bangunanĀ Schomper HotelĀ yang dibangun sekitar tahun 1920-1938, yang dikelola oleh L.C. Schomper, seorang warga keturunan Belanda. Ketika pendudukan Jepang, hotel ini diambil alih olehĀ Ganseikanbu SendenbuĀ (Departemen Propaganda) dan kemudian dikenal sebagai ā€˜Gedung Menteng 31ā€™.

Gedung ini menjadi markas program pendidikan politik yang diadakan bagi sejumlah tokoh pemuda yang berperan di era kemerdekaan, antara lain Sukarni, Chaerul Saleh, A.M Hanafi dan Adam Malik. Mereka lebih dikenal sebagai ‘Pemoeda Menteng 31’, yang menjadi aktor dibalik penculikan Soekarno, Hatta dan Fatmawati ke Rengasdengklok sehari sebelum kemerdekaan. Tokoh-tokoh pemuda tersebut dibina oleh Soekarno, Hatta, Moh. Yamin, Sunaryo dan Achmad Subarjo.

Di museum ini dipamerkan berbagai lukisan, diorama, mobil-mobil tua yang penuh sejarah.Ā Kami menghabiskan waktu sekitar 2 jam di museum ini, mulai dari menjelajahi setiap pameran dengan diberikan penjelasan oleh petugas yang berjaga, menikmati film perjuangan dan tidak lupa foto-foto untuk kenang-kenangan šŸ™‚

Museum Perumusan Naskah Proklamasi

Ā Jl. Imam Bonjol No.15, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Tiket Masuk: Dewasa Rp2.000, Anak-anak Rp1.000

Museum ini terletak bekas kediamanan Laksamana Tadashi Meida, tempat dimana Naskah Proklamasi dirumuskan. Museum ini dijaga dengan baik dan dilengkapi dengan permainan-permainan digital yang menghibur peserta anak-anak. Kami belajar banyak mengenai detik-detik perumusan naskah proklamasi di tempat ini, dimana naskah proklamasi dirumuskan oleh Bung Karno dan para pejuang kemerdekaan.

Mesjid Cut Meutia

Bangunan masjid ini merupakan salah satu peninggalan sejarah dari Ā zaman penjajahan kolonial Belanda, dulunya adalah bangunan kantor biroĀ arsitekĀ (sekaligus pengembang)Ā N.V. Bouwploeg, yang membangun wilayahĀ GondangdiaĀ diĀ Menteng. Sebelum difungsikan sebagai mesjid sebagaimana sekarang, bangunan ini pernah digunakan sebagaiĀ kantor pos, kantor Jawatan Kereta ApiĀ BelandaĀ dan kantorĀ Angkatan LautĀ JepangĀ (1942Ā –Ā 1945). SetelahĀ IndonesiaĀ merdeka, masjid ini pernah dipergunakan sebagai kantor Urusan Perumahan, hingga Kantor Urusan Agama (1964Ā –Ā 1970) dan sekretariat MPRS.Ā  Baru pada zaman pemerintahanĀ GubernurĀ Ali SadikinĀ diresmikan sebagai masjid seperti sekarang.

Cut Meutia

Tugu Kunstring

Awalnya dibangun sebagai kantorĀ  Nederland Indische Kunstkring, perkumpulan pecinta seni yang ada di Batavia, Tugu Kunstring disebut-sebut sebagai awal arsitektur modern di Indonesia setelah Hendrik Petrus, bapak arsitektur Belanda, datang berkunjung pada tahun 1923 dan mengagumi keindahan gedung ini. Pada masa kemerdekaan, bangunan ini sempat dijadikan Ā Kantor Imigrasi Jakarta Pusat, sebelum akhirnya diambil pihak swasta dan menjadi bangunan rumah makan seperti sekarang.

Tugu Kunstring

Museum Jenderal AH Nasution

Museum ini semula adalah kediaman pribadi dari Jenderal AH NasutionĀ yang ditempati bersama dengan keluarganya sejak menjabat sebagai KSAD tahun 1949 hingga wafatnya pada tanggalĀ 6 September 2000. Di tempat ini pulalah pada tanggalĀ 1 Oktober 1965, terjadi peristiwa G 30S/PKI yang merenggut nyawa putri Jenderal AH Nasution, Ade Irma Nasution, serta ajudannyaĀ Kapten Anumerta Pierre Andreas Tendean.

Kali ini kami tidak masuk mempelajari Museum ini lebih lanjut karena tidak sesuai dengan tema Kemerdekaan Indonesia kali ini. Tapi next time mungkin kita bisa buat JWT dengan tema berkaitan sehingga kita bisa mengunjungi Museum ini!

AH Nasution

Taman Suropati

Dalam membangun kawasan Menteng, N.V. Bouwploeg menjadikan Burgemeester Bisschopplein (sekarang dikenal dengan Taman Suropati), sebagai pusat dari kawasan tersebut. Saat ini, di tempat ini juga dapat ditemukan monumen-monumen dari enam negara pendiri ASEAN.

Taman ini juga banyak digunakan untuk kelas musik loh! Sangat menarik untuk diamati sambil menikmati indahnya pepohonan yang ada, atau sekedar olahraga apabila anda tinggal di daerah sekitar.


Secara keseluruhan, saya sangat senang dengan JWT pertama, banyak pelajaran yang kami dapatkan mengenai kemerdekaan Indonesia, sambil berolahraga juga dengan jalan kaki dari satu tempat ke tempat lain, dan semuanya lebih sempurna dengan para peserta yang menyenangkan dan lucu-lucu serta begitu bersemangat dan menghargai sejarah Indonesia meski harus lelah berjalan di bawah terik matahari Jakarta.

Tak jarang kami pun berhenti untuk mempelajari berbagai tanaman yang ada di sepanjang jalan Menteng.

Buah Asem

Dan tentu saja, sepanjang jalan dipenuhi dengan gelak tawa dan foto2 šŸ™‚

Fun on the road

Setelah lelah berjalan, kami pun menutupnya dengan makan siang yang mengenyangkan di Jalan Surabaya. Sayang sekali toko kopi favorit saya tutup hari itu jadi tidak bisa lanjut menikmati kopi sore disini.

Makan Siang

Terima kasih kepada seluruh peserta dan pendukung JWT pertama! Untuk teman-teman lain, jangan ragu untuk kontak saya apabila tertarik untuk mengikuti JWT berikutnya šŸ™‚




consciousness and the importance being conscious in social life

I just realized one thing this morning. Consciousness, or the state of being aware, is unfortunately not possessed by every individual in this world. While actually.. it is one of very important factors to not only to be alive, but also to reach highest potential in social life.

I am not a psychologist or neurologist or other -ist that is related with the study of human brain or behavior. But from my observation and limited knowledge on the subject, we can categorize consciousness to two big groups, i.e. consciousness in term of being physically and mentally awake (as opposed to unconscious, like people in comma condition), and consciousness in term of being attentive and aware of your surroundings.

Some people can be kind and have high empathy, but they can unintentionally hurt or wrong other people if they don’t have the second meaning of consciousness.

It may be a homework to realize and acknowledge that we are unconscious. And as their saying about dead people, unconscious people usually don’t know that they are unconscious, but people surrounded them will know (and hurt occasionally). This homework to realize and acknowledge their situation will be the hard one if they think that they are kind or wise already, and refuse to dig deeper of the consequence of their behavior.

And I think.. this unconsciousness, just like the unconsciousness in the first meaning, is not a permanent attribute to someone’s character.Ā  An ignorant person can be conscious at times, and a highly sensitive person may be unconscious too (for example when they are highly focusing on a thing only..).

What to do when you realize you have been unconscious:

1. be grateful to realize this! now you’re awake;

2. forgive yourself, whatever happened in the past is done, no use to dwell on it; and

3. mend your relationship with the people who are hurt, or fix the condition that you have ruined, due to your unconsciousness. As far about relationship, a simple sincere ‘sorry’ usually works wonderfully!

And how to deal with people who are unconscious in your life?

1. awake them; and

2. if it doesn’t work, asses if their unconsciousness has been poisonous to your life or not (if yes, consider to limit your encounters with them, if not, learn to forgive and accept their unconscious side that you can’t change).

Until next time.




PS – featured unrelated photo of me in Sahara because I just miss the place! šŸ™‚

finding calmness in chaos

In this gloomy Monday afternoon, my mind wanders.

It’s actually similar theme of what I had written before, particularly this post, i.e. on how to find calmness during a storm.

So last weekend was great. I had a busy schedule, I was afraid I won’t manage it but somehow I could. Of course some sacrifices had to be made, but my goals were reached.

But then today.. I am faced with a stressful reality. I could not detail the problems here, but there are two major stuff that I can’t see any immediate relief that can be done to get away from these two problems. I am desperate.

I usually prefer to fix problems straight away.. but sometimes it is impossible and it stresses me out, so the second best thing I can do is actually to accept this condition, letting go of my expectation of the ideal, and be patient in the process.

However, I could only aware of those steps after I am calming myself down. I am thinking hard how to calm down… My chest is really heavy, my brain is so frizzy. I wish I can close my eyes and everything back well when I reopen them. I can’t think clearly.. But I am trying hard… Praying, writing, reading, working out, are some activities that usually can calm me down..

So I start writing this post. It seems working.

I still don’t know how to fix the two major problems that I have in my life right now. But the frizz in my brain finally gets lighter. One step at a time.



Introducing, Joy Love

Hello loves,

This time I want to introduce the venture I am doing with some friends, Joy Love Travel šŸ™‚

Just established this year, we started this company to help people to travel around the world easier. Ideally, we want to promote our beautiful country, Indonesia, to everyone out there. we understand that it may be hard to explore our country because English are not spoken widely here, and not every place has been equipped with sufficient infrastructure. But other than that, we also think that we need to help Indonesian people who want to travel more, domestic or overseas, but maybe have difficulties in arranging the trip, or maybe just want to be in a group trip to share costs or just to have like minded chat buddy during the trip, or maybe just afraid to travel solo.

We are running this venture with passion. It is not just a business for us, but also something that we love doing. We aim to makeĀ  your trip memorable and enjoyable as we would want for ourselves. And of course, we wish you will feel joyous and loved after the trip šŸ™‚

One of the ways to achieve such goal is to make thematic trips that will be memorable and fit the goals of the guests. Some themes that we are thinking are adventure, spiritual, cultural, historical and culinary trips.

As an introductory trip, we are preparing a trip to India this year end (24 December 2017 – 2 January 2018). We had a lot of ideas for this trip since India has many things to offer. Food, culture, adventure, scenery.. They have everything. However, we came up with “culture”.

In this trip we want to embrace first timers who have never been to India before. We realise India with its Taj Mahal and rickshaw ride must be in most people’ bucket list. We want to help these people to check off their bucket list, taste the rich culture, embark in amazing adventure, all in the comfort of our services.

Other than India, we are also serving trips to Bhutan, Peru and Indonesia, of course with special themes for group trips to make sure it is memorable. However, if you prefer to be in privately tailored trips, we can also help you with the arrangement or just general advice that you may need.

Please check our website here for further information on our company and our trips. We are just starting and need to learn a lot too.. So any advice or input will be much appreciated šŸ™‚

And for further information on our first trip to India, please check here. We hope to see you there šŸ™‚

Thank you so much for reading.